Working of Clrstream

The MX record of the domain will be pointed to the Trend Micro HES solution on their cloud. Inbound mail will be cleaned of spam, viruses, ramsomware and other unwanted content. Clean mail will be delivered to the domain on the Mithi SkyConnect servers hosted on AWS. A copy of the mail will be delivered to users' mail boxes on the SkyConnect servers and the original mail pushed to the primary mail server of the domain hosted either in the company premises or at another data centre.
Similarly, Outbound mail will be routed via the Mithi Sky Connect servers and Trend Micro HES onto the destination domain. The outgoing mail will be scanned for viruses.
In case of the primary server going down, end users can access their mail boxes on the Mithi SkyConnect servers using the easy and intuitive web client Baya. They will receive new mail and also view and respond to the mails sent and received over the previous 7 days.
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