Fortify your email server setup with ClrStream

Email security, continuity and durability solution for your MS Exchange
Office 365, MDaemon, Postfix, PostMaster, Zimbra & other mail solutions

Quick Overview of ClrStream

What is ClrStream

ClrStream can protect your email servers from Spam, Virus, Ransomware and DDOS attacks. It can also provide email Continuity when the primary mail server is unavailable or down. When bundled with Vaultastic, email data durability can be guaranteed at 99.99999999999%. All without any lengthy and costly email service migrations.

Email Security

Protect your email servers and end users from spam, virus, ransomware and other malware attacks.

Email Service Continuity

Access to inbound and outbound email of the last 7 days, and the ability to reply/ forward these email, ensures that your business is operational even if your primary mail server is down

Email Data Durability

The Vaultastic bundle ensures a copy of every mail, sent and received, is stored in a safe, secure cloud storage, guaranteeing email data durability.

Benefits of the ClrStream

Cost effective Email Security + Email Service Continuity
Reduced bandwidth consumption on primary data center
Reduced Mail server load
Zero hardware and software upgrade
Assured 99.99% availability and 24x7 Support
Can work for any mail servers including Office 365, MS Exchange, Zimbra, etc.
Zero monitoring

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Inbound & Outbound Email Security
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Inbound & Outbound Email Security
Email Service Continuity
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